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"Mulder and Scully. Scully and Mulder, bla bla bla." This is just my little contribution to an on-going phenomenon... one that will surely never die. I'm working on putting together an online scrap book of sorts from my trip to Vancouver with other X-Files fans, which took place in June of 2006. The cataclysmal production is in progress and you can view the madness under the Vancouver link on the left. What you are sure to always find on this site is a dip into various fandoms with a collection my sorry excuse for visual and literary art which will most likely present itself in the form of music videos and rambling diatribes directed simultaneously at everything and nobody in particular.

I go under the alias tempusfugit/tempusfugitx in most online communities, which is a nod to a favorite fourth season episode by the same name. Tempus fugit is Latin for 'Time flies'.

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You can find me at livejournal, last.fm and myspace under tempusfugitx. If my sarcasm doesn't scare you away by the end of your visit, feel free to drop me a line. I don't bite unless you do first: tempusfugitx@gmail.comTempus Fugit's Vault

Disclaimer: Mulder, Scully and any other element pertaining to the X-Files belong to Chris Carter, 20th Century FOX, and 1013 Productions. No profit is being made from this site (save for a cure for boredom).