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In the summer of 2006, 9 philes from all over North America and Europe found their way across several timezones to Vancouver, British Columbia in honor of The X-Files. I was lucky enough to take part and help organize the get-together. With the help of X Marks The Spot*, a map of Vancouver,, and the countless tips from other fans, we were able to visit upwards of 50 locations, not to mention taking up residence at a motel, which was used a few times in the run of the show, for our 9 day stay in (and around) Vancouver. Henceforth is a scrapbook of sorts including lists and pictures of episode locations we visited, as well as a more tourist-friendly account of the trip. Why am I doing all this, might you ask? Because seemingly trivial things like this amuse the hell out of me. Because we all need a break from reality. Because this fandom has so entwined itself with my existence and I have no desire of abandoning it. Plus, it gives me something to do when sleep eludes me in the wee hours of the morning. From location to location, all the laughs, the trivia, the abundance of time spent watching the weather channel, for each time we were kicked off property, and for the times our dorkiness was embraced, the endless snacking in the X-mobiles, the fic and the bad food at the motel and for every time we uttered "it looks so much smaller than in the episode!!!". I can't say anything more heart-warmingly appropriate than "We'll always have Vancouver". Location pictures are in the process of going up. Excuse the disorder. Special thanks to Justine for helping collect screen grabs!

Season 1 Locations
Season 2 Locations
Season 3 Locations
Season 4 Locations
Season 5 Locations
Unleashing the tourist within (Random anecdotes and more pictures.)

January '08 Update: Vancouver Version 2.0 with Mirella and Mary. A trip we'd been planning since August of '07 happened to coincide with the filming of the second X-Files movie. David Duchovny strolled right by us in downtown Vancouver. And along with Angie, we undertook some funky poaching and managed to snatch some set signs.

Season 1 Locations
- FBI lobby (Pilot)
- cemetery (Pilot)
- motel (Pilot)
- FBI boardroom/Pentagon warehouse (Pilot)
- Ellens Air Base (Deep Throat)
- Flying Saucer Diner (Deep Throat)
- the Budahas house (Deep Throat)/Frank Black's house (Millennium)
- Lake Okobogee (Conduit)
- the bridge and NJ woods (The Jersey Devil)
- Eurisko building (Ghost in the Machine)
- J.S.C. Mission Control (Space)
- Budgetrest Motel/parking lot (Fallen Angel)
- FBI reflection pool (Fallen Angel)
- Lighthouse Motel/Diner (Eve)
- Venable Plaza Hotel, 14th floor (Fire)
- angel of stone (Beyond the Sea)
- Mulder's apartment (The Erlenmeyer Flask)

Season 2 Locations

- Arecibo forest (Little Green Men)
- clock tower, college (Blood)
- aquatic centre (Duane Barry)
- travel agency (Duane Barry)
- exterior Scully's apartment (Ascension)
- Skyland Mountain and skyride (Ascension)
- park (Ascension)
- Clay's BBQ restaurant (Red Museum)
- Mulder's father's house (Colony)
- Motorlodge (End Game)
- red rock quarry (Anasazi)

Season 3 Locations

- mine (Paper Clip)
- overpass (Nisei)
- skating rink (Apocrypha)
- diner (Jose Chung's From Outer Space)
- lakefront (Quagmire)
- lake (Quagmire)
- Mirador Motel (Wetwired)
- fast food restaurant (Talitha Cumi)

Season 4 Locations

- alleyway/parkinglot (Unruhe)
- the Peacock residence (Home)
- police station and bench (Home)
- Skinner apartment building (Tunguska)
- Paradise Motel (Tempus Fugit)
- motel (Demons)

Season 5 Locations

- Georgetown street corner (Redux II)
- the woods/highway (Detour)
- JJ's diner (Post-Modern Prometheus)
- farm/barn (Post-Modern Prometheus)
- supermarket (Chinga)
- swingbridge (Killswitch)
- ruined farmhouse/trailer (Kill Switch)
- the abduction bridge (Patient X)
- motel (Pine Bull Variant)

*a book of locations used during the first five seasons of the show by Vancouver location managers Louisa Gradnitzer and Todd Pittson

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